A tax on every mile you drive

What? I’m going to have to pay a tax on every mile that I drive? Are you kidding me?

The comments about this proposed plan are actually quite a bit more colorful. As reported in the Mercury News , the San Francisco Bay Area is thinking about becoming the first place in this country to charge people for how many miles they drive. An average bill for traveling 13,000 miles a year would be $1,300.

People would have to install GPS units in their cars to tally their travel in the nine county bay area.

It’s called a VMT (Vehicle Miles Traveled) tax and it has been tested in smaller communities throughout the country. It has been shown to reduce car travel. Larger cities around the world such as London, Stockholm and Singapore charge people for coming into the city core. The Netherlands comes close to having a universal tax on vehicle travel.

Is this going to happen?

Not anytime soon, even according to the people who support it. Currently repairing roads and bridges and funding for public transit comes from the gas tax. No one sees anything happening with a VMT tax until the gas tax funds dry up.

Reading the comments at the bottom of the article tells it all.



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