Our newest Way2Go Cortland stars

Tammy Reed and Heather Burnham are proof that it can be done – and it works.

Tammy and Heather work in the Employment & Training Grant Administration office at the County Office Building in downtown Cortland. In May they decided to participate in the Bike/Walk to Work Week event. And they are still going strong.

Tammy lives in Homer so she drives to Heather’s house and they walk together to work – a round-trip distance of 2 miles. Since starting in May Tammy has lost 18 pounds and feels so much better.

On Fridays when they have errands to do they carpool. What a fantastic way to improve your health and well-being.

And –  that’s two fewer cars taking up space at the county office building.

Simple solution but very powerful.

If more downtown employees did this maybe we wouldn’t need a hugely expensive parking garage in the downtown area.  Just sayin’

Way2Go Tammy & Heather!

(After I get some website glitches worked out you will see them up on our website)



One response to this post.

  1. Kudos to Tammy and Heather! Speaking of downtown parking issues – there is so much parking space available in places like Riverside Plaza and the former P&C Plaza on Homer Ave… Too bad we couldn’t get Park & Rides established in those areas and get more people to walk, carpool or take the bus from those points – would be much less expensive than a parking garage.


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