“Savage septic wound”

What a strong statement!

This was written in 1925 by Horace White. White, at that time a former state senator and Governor of New York, was writing about a plan to elevate the railroads. The railroads bisected many downtown streets and were quite a nuisance with the proliferation of automobiles.

But according to an article this past Sunday in The Post-Standard, the same could be said about Interstate 81. Written by Dennis Connors, curator of history at the Onondaga Historical Association, the words of White could just as easily been about an elevated roadway.

Here’s a portion:

‘In my humble opinion, the proposed elevated plan … would mean the infliction of another monstrosity upon our home for a time beyond calculation. Of course, … elevation … would doubtless be the cheapest, the most expeditious, the easiest in the matter of engineering work for the railroads, but it would be like ripping a savage septic wound across a human face — likely to infect the whole body, sure to ruin its appearance.’

White actually wanted to see a depressed route similar to the buried railroad approach to Grand Central Station in New York City which is still in use today.

Excellent article. You should definitely read what White had to say. It’s as visionary today as it was in 1925.



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