“Rustbelt chic”

For towns and cities that have “good bones” (like Cortland), they may want to follow the example of Rochester, New York.

Many towns and cities in New York were defined by manufacturing in the past but some have moved beyond that to welcome smaller, but no less innovative, businesses. Building upon those good bones, historic renovation is bringing these beautiful structures back to life.

One area that needs improvement, according to this piece in the Atlantic Cities, is the lack of transit options.

“But like many similarly damaged industrial cities, Rochester is missing the cartilage needed to connect all those bones and add strength to the whole. More than 60 percent of downtown is devoted to parking. How much city can exist between the dead spaces of parking lots?”

So when you hear people saying that we need more parking lots, tell them that there are other ways to get people to come to your downtown.




2 responses to this post.

  1. I wasn’t aware of that initiative, Ray. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Cornell University has a great iniative to revitalise rustbelt cities, such as Utica, NY. Check out Rust to Green at http://www.rust2green.org for more info!


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