What do Americans want?

What do Americans want to see in regards to their community?

According to a recent survey done by the American Planning Association, the factors that make up an ideal community for many Americans are:

1. Local businesses
2. Aging in place
3. Sidewalks
4. Energy-efficient homes
5. Transit

It appears that Cortland  is in a pretty good starting position for an ideal community. We do have many local businesses, especially in downtown Cortland and nearby Homer. Sidewalks in the older areas of town at least are in place although many need repair. We do have a good transit system within Cortland and Homer even though we need to expand the service to evenings and weekends.

Housing is a major  issue, especially in regards to senior citizens, who have difficulty staying in their homes as they age. There is a scarcity of other housing options for them in this community. Many of the homes here are older and not particularly energy efficient so huge heating bills in the winter are common. This can be problematic for folks on fixed incomes or those with lower incomes.

Many of the people in the survey feel that their communities are worse off than 5 years ago. But many also feel that community planning is essential and 51% said they would want to be involved in community planning.

Check out the Atlantic Cities piece for a summary of the survey.



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