Ithaca Mayor gives up his parking space

Svante Myrick, mayor of the city of Ithaca, has given up his parking space near City Hall and created a small park in its place.

It has been reported on Grist and on the Huffington Post as well as in the Ithaca Journal.

There’s even an additional sign that has been added to the “Reserved for Mayor” sign. It says “And friends.”

In the parking space there are a couple of benches, some tree stumps and planters.

Myrick, who walks to work when he can, and uses Ithaca Car Share when he needs a vehicle, is making a bold statement. In an email to the Ithaca Journal he says,  “turning a private exclusive use into a public open use .. is only only a small statement, but it is an important statement.” “I think it says something about the way we should be using our urban space. I think it says something about our commitment to the environment and energy reduction,” he added.

He has previously written that “The answer to too many cars is not necessarily more parking spaces … We can change traffic patterns and parking behaviors by providing alternative methods of transportation which are more affordable, reliable and convenient.”

Two thumbs up!




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