Making transit fun, even sexy

A great article on the Grist website, “A Low-Cost Way to Improve Public Transit: Add Joy” talks about what is needed to allow transit and other alternative transportation to compete with cars. And that is – we need to make it fun, even sexy.

How much money in advertising has been spent by the automobile industry  to make their cars appear sexy? We don’t do this with buses. The bus industry doesn’t have the money to do this.

But what could we do to make it more fun to ride a bus or a train? Some of the ideas mentioned in the article include a slide in Amsterdam (there’s a cute video), bus shelters that look like fruit in Japan, and “love seats” in Copenhagen.

Put on your thinking caps. What could we do here in Cortland to encourage public transit use, walking or bicycling?

Here are some of my ideas:
1. Wi-fi on the buses
2. New designs for the buses (we are working on this)
3. Bus shelters that look like apples – you know, Cortland apple (a tomato shelter is pictured in the article)
4. Lots of cool looking benches in the downtown area

Would love to hear your ideas. Feel free to post your comments.



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