Transit = sexy?

Probably not.

The automakers have done a great job making cars sexy and alluring. Alternative forms of transportation such as transit or walking or bicycling have not.

As Sarah Goodyear writes in this Atlantic Cities piece, transit “needs a little more joy.”

She quotes urban designer and writer Darrin Nordahl. “If people behaved entirely rationally, we would have foregone our cars long ago. … Against sound reasons of safety, environmental health, and personal wealth, we still drive. People simply love their cars. And as we all know, love and reason are like oil and water….”

We all know that is true. So how do we make transit (and walking and bicycling) more appealing?

Boulder, Colorado is a city that took a unique approach.” ‘If you were to go back to 1990 and ask what role did public transit play in Boulder,’ recollects Will Toor, former mayor of Boulder, ‘it was essentially a social service for people who had no other choice about how they got around.’ Toor said this didn’t sit well with policymakers at the time. Instead, they wanted a transit system that could ‘compete for people who have other choices.’ …”

Sound familiar?

Their solution was to give each route a unique identity. Read the article and let me know what you think of their idea.

We have been thinking that a new design for Cortland Transit buses would help improve the image of public transit in the county and we have already enlisted the help of a graphic designer to make that happen.

What else can we do to get people on the bus, or walking more, or using their bicycle to get around?

Would love to hear your ideas!




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