Parking minimums for developers?

Should we require parking minimums for developers? In an article in the Atlantic Cities author Eric Jaffe tells us about a report by the N.Y.U. Forman Center that shows that “parking requirements cause developers to build more parking spaces than they otherwise would based on what they believe their prospective tenants or buyers demand.”

I think of the student housing developers around town and how parking is always an issue. But I hate to see more backyards replaced by asphalt especially if the parking is not really needed. We need to encourage more use of the buses, both public transit and SUNY buses, as well as bicycle use.

The last paragraph of the article caught my attention:

“In addition to pointing out some important problems with New York’s minimum parking mandate, the report offers a few potential solutions. The most obvious, of course, would be to reduce or eliminate the parking minimum, but a more palatable change might be to adjust them more precisely by neighborhood. If a building will be well-served by transit, then it shouldn’t require as many spaces – a guideline followed by cities like Portland. Last, to mitigate any impact new buildings might have on street spaces, developers could pay a fee into a community transit fund that goes toward improving public transportation.”

I like both of those ideas. What do you think? Could we institute that here?



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