Taxi fares going up

The Cortland Standard reported yesterday that taxi fares are going up in the city. The basic fare is going up from $4 to $5. However, fares for senior citizens will go down from $3.25 to $3.00.

The City Common Council approved these new fares on Tuesday evening. Apparently, the city controls the fares within the city limits. The city code gives the council the authority to set the fares.

Taxi operator fees will also go up, including business license fees, vehicle registration, and taxi driver license fees.

The city did this to raise revenue for the city through the increased fees and to give taxi drivers a higher basic fare. They also wanted to give senior citizens a break since they are on a fixed income.

Some taxi drivers are not happy, especially with the fees which will cut into their profit margin. Howver, you would think the additional fare increase would offset that.

One of the councilors, John Bennett, voted against the increase saying, “It’s hard for me as a city councilor to say this is something the city should control in an open marketplace society.”

Doing some research I discovered that taxi fares are set by cities all over the country. Should they be? That’s a much bigger question.

With a fare being set by a governing agency at least you know when you get in the cab what the fare will be.

I also think the assumption that all senior citizens can’t afford the regular rate is wrong. I know plenty of younger folks that are struggling, using the taxi to get to minimum wage jobs, and they would appreciate the lower rate. There are many seniors that have more than an adequate income and don’t necessarily need the lower rate.

OK, so now that I have AARP after me, what do you think?




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