Perfect time to rediscover bicycling

With the warm temperatures here two months earlier than normal, now is the perfect time to dig that bicycle out of your garage, get it tuned up, and head outside.

Why not think about bicycling to work? Even one day a week – on casual Friday – would be a good place to start. With gas prices on the rise, keeping that car off the road even one day a week can make a significant difference.

Before heading out keep in mind these tips.

Remember how much fun it was to ride your bike when you were young?  If you haven’t been on a bicycle since your youth, don’t worry, you haven’t forgotten. Take it easy at first. Try out some fun rides to get your bike legs back.

Until we get some bike lanes, try to find roads that are more friendly to bikes. I think Madison Street is a good east-west road.

And don’t forget a helmet.

Hey, bicyclists – any other tips you want to share?



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  1. Posted by Joan Martin on March 19, 2012 at 10:59 am

    Last Saturday my husband and I decided to escape the St. Patrick’s mayhem of carousing students in Cortland and go hiking with friends on the Jim Schug Trail in Dryden. The trail starts in the center of town, intersects a trail at Dryden Lake, and continues on to Harford, where it eventually connects with the Finger Lakes Trail.

    Two creeks which feed Dryden Lake border the trail on either side, and there are extensive beaver workings along both: dams, old lodges, and what we think is the current beaver lodge—pretty amazing. We also saw and heard mallard ducks, turtles, and some REALLY LOUD peepers celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in their own way.

    The hard-packed gravel and dirt trail is great for bicycling, horseback riding (and skiing and snowshoeing if there is snow) and is wheelchair accessible. The park at Dryden Lake is the site of a historic Indian encampment and features a picnic pavilion, small playground, boat launch, and accessible fishing docks.

    Peace and quiet (except for the peepers), good exercise, good friends, and beautiful scenery—who could ask for more?


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