“We become what we fund properly”

Yesterday I posted a piece by Chris Turner about how to make public transit awesome. A day earlier he posted another article about the new GOP authored bill in the House that will change the way public transit is funded and the new transportation bill that will slash funding for bike lanes and pedestrian infrastructure.

“Christopher Lloyd’s cackling, cartoon-slaughtering villain in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (who you may recall was hellbent on destroying Toon Town to make way for freeways) couldn’t have written a more destructive piece of transport policy, nor one better suited to the transportation priorities of the 1930s. In the face of exhaust-enhanced climate change, mounting energy scarcity, widespread infrastructure decay and booming demand for dense, walkable urban space (which demand far exceeds current supply in the U.S.), the Republicans have devised a formula for strangling smart growth.”

Turner goes on to explain the argument that the Republicans make and why, even though it is partially true, it’s not the whole picture. Why is this the land of the car? Why aren’t the alternatives working?

Read it and you’ll understand, “we become what we fund properly.”



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