A new car-free village?

Tracy Gayton has an idea for his remote county in Maine. Piscataquis County  has less than 18,000 inhabitants in the entire county. Their largest town has 4,200 persons.

He wants to create a car-free village.

After Gayton retired he traveled to Europe and Latin America and observed how towns and villages there have survived for thousands of years and what made them so different from most towns and villages in this country. Piscataquis Village Project was born.

So he’s looking for investors to come up with $2 million dollars to get the project off the ground. So far he has $240,000 from 24 families.

Find out more about the project at this Atlantic Cities webpage.

What makes for a livable community? How can we incorporate some of those ideas in our own communities? Do we really need to create more parking spaces or parking garages? How do we make our downtown areas more vibrant and our neighborhoods more walkable?



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