Public transit is vital, even if you don’t use it

“Imagine if the tens of millions of Americans who ride public transit every day  suddenly decided to drive.  Roads in communities served by transit would  choke on the extra traffic, and trucks could no longer deliver parts to  factories or goods to market.  Our economy would screech to a halt.”

So says U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood in his blog Fast Lane.

Public transit provides for more than 10 billion passenger trips per year.

The FTA announced more than $850 million in discretionary funds to upgrade and repair transit vehicles and facilities across the nation.

A great quote from the secretary,  “If we can’t get people where they need to go, we won’t be going anywhere.”



2 responses to this post.

  1. Your situation is more complex than most since you have to get around a lot during your work day. Even though it takes more planning and more time, I’m glad that you have discovered that the bus can get you where you need to go.

    Thanks for responding and would love to get more feedback about your bus and taxi experiences. You can always send me an email at



  2. Jan:
    I am sharing a car with my college age son and do all sorts of crazy things to get around when he has the car for work and college: walk, taxi, First Transit and bike. I ride with the photographer to an assignment whenever I can. I used First Transit to get to an assignment at Homer High today, discovering Route 3. This was major. It’s time consuming to stop working and get over to the bus stop, ride out, and then wait for the lift back. I love to relax on the bus, but you do need extra time to get around.

    For the last six months I’ve had limited use of the car. There is no way I’d use the taxi or the bus if it wasn’t for this situation. It’s a drag in some ways, and is excellent in others.


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