Transit workers are the real environmentalists

Author and activist Bill McKibben wrote in this Daily News article that the true environmentalists are transit workers.

Why is this? Why is New York City one of the greenest places on earth?

It has everything to do with city residents living in smaller homes and apartments that take much less to heat, air condition, and light; and fewer or no cars to spew  emissions into the air. Their transit system is super efficient too, one of the best in the country.

According to McKibben:

“The irony is, because the subway is noisy and the tunnels are grimy, and because it’s been there a very long time, we rarely think of just how environmentally shiny it is. But it will be decades before the windmills and solar panels add up to the energy savings that the subways and buses — and men and women who operate them — have produced.”

“So when you think about “environmentalists,” don’t imagine some guy standing on a mountaintop looking into the wilderness. Think instead of that motorman leaning out the window to make sure the doors are closed and the train can go.”

Love it! Way2Go McKibben and Way2Go transit workers.



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