Can’t walk or bike in the winter – NOT

Just in case you think we can’t be a city known for our walkability and bicycling because we have such a harsh climate, think again.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is not known for its balmy climate, was named as the #1 Bike City in the country in 2010. So what did they do in 2011? They bicycled even more. Biking rose 22% in 2011 compared to 2010 and has risen 53% since 2007.

Walking has increased too. Pedestrian traffic is up 18% since 2007. Of the largest 50 cities in the country, Minneapolis came in ninth in Walkscore’s Walkability Rankings.

An article on the Rails to Trails Conservancy website shows how Minneapolis residents have made a significant shift in the way they get around.

And weather is a factor but it doesn’t seem to stop everyone from venturing out to walk or bike.  “20 percent of bicyclists and 75 percent of pedestrians continue to bike and walk throughout the winter despite Minnesota’s frigid, snowy weather.”

So come on Cortland. Winter is not the time to hibernate.



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