Drunk walking is riskier than you think

http://platform.twitter.com/widgets/hub.1324331373.htmlSo we all know that driving drunk is a very bad thing to do. It’s incredibly dangerous, illegal and some might even say  immoral.

But what about drunk walking?

It appears that this might even be more dangerous than driving drunk.

If you’ve ever read the book “Freakonomics” you are aware of the authors Stephen Dubner and Steven Leavitt. So on the Freakonomics Radio website, an interview with Leavitt raises some startling statistics.

In 2009, 34,000 people died in traffic accidents, around half of them were drivers and 41% of those were drunk. There were also 4,000 pedestrian fatalities and 35% of them were drunk. Leavitt says “for every mile walked drunk, turns out to be eight times more dangerous than the mile driven drunk.”

Interesting. Also New Year’s Day is the deadliest day of the year for pedestrians.

But let’s be clear about this. Leavitt is not saying that you should drive drunk because it’s safer than walking drunk. He is saying that not enough attention is on drunk walking.  “For 20 years, we’ve been told you should never, ever drive drunk. We should have been told you should never, ever walk drunk and you should never, ever drive drunk. And because nobody thought about it when we were coming up with what was moral and immoral, somehow now, drunk walking just can’t find its way into the immoral box.”

So this coming weekend, definitely don’t drink and drive but also think twice about walking home if you’ve been drinking.

Happy (Safe) New Year!



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