Need to find driving buddies?

If you are a resident of Broome or Tioga counties or if you drive there from Cortland County, you might be interested in a ridesharing service sponsored by the Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study.

It’s called Broome-Tioga Greenride and it’s a FREE Internet based ridesharing service. It can help you find carpooling partners who live near you and have a similar destination and schedule. It can also help you find driving partners who share your lifestyle preferences, such as only riding with those of the same gender or those who share your smoking preference.

You can find out quickly how many people are registered that live in your area and may be headed to the same destination by going to the bottom of the homepage. There is a Zip Code Matching Service where you can enter your start and end zip codes.

And if there aren’t any, then why not add your information?

It’s not just for commuting either. You can use it for carpooling to special events or for shopping.

Your privacy is protected. They only disclose the following types of data to potential matches on their system:

  • First name or alias
  • Gender
  • Approximate origin and destination points (no specific addresses)
  • Desired transportation hours
  • Carpool Preferences (if any) – male/female, smoking/non-smoking

Try it out!




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  1. Tompkins County has a similar program, Zimride Tompkins ( Anyone who is going to or leaving from Tompkins County can post and share their ride with others going the same way!


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