Ridesharing – a missed opportunity?

For those who live in rural areas not serviced by public transit, it is difficult to find ways to save money on your transportation expenses.

But carpooling/ridesharing/vanpooling is something to consider.

But there hasn’t been much of a focus on these alternatives for a very long time. And according to this blog post on dc.streetsblog.org they have been pretty much overlooked in the new transportation bill.

The director of a new Ridesharing Institute posts in her blog that carpooling and vanpooling currently account for 10% of work trips, more than transit, walking and bicycling combined. It works well in rural areas as well as more metropolitan areas and it can save people a lot of money. But it has been in decline because of the lack of federal “emphasis and support. We need to reverse that trend.”

I agree with her that there should be more support for these alternatives. It can help people save money and reduce their carbon footprint. We all know that public transit is very expensive and will not be able to reach all areas of our county. Way2Go Cortland will be looking at  ways to make it easier for commuters to connect to others to share rides.

But I also agree with a transportation expert quoted in the blog. The “real solution is ‘just stop building so damn much parking.'”

Sometimes the disincentives are what work best.



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