Transforming Exhibition Road

What’s the difference between a road and a street?

According to “a road usually runs between two more distant points, such as between two towns.  A street is described as being a paved road or highway – in a city, town, or village, especially one lined with houses, shops, or other buildings.  The implication is that if a street does not have these things, it will probably be called a road.”

Exhibition Road in London England is possibly the grandest of London’s cultural thoroughfares lined with museums and leading to Royal Albert Hall. It is being redesigned, in time for the Summer Olympics in London in 2012, to be shared space – accommodating cars as well as pedestrians and bicyclists – but especially pedestrians. Pedestrians will have 2/3 of the road’s width to themselves. The speed limit will be 20 mph. There will be no curbs.

Click here to see a photo and a very interesting article that appeared in The Guardian.

Personally, I really like this idea. I have read two books by Danish architect and planner Jan Gehl, who is mentioned in the story, and you do start to look at streets and buildings in a new light.

I think it might work really well on Main Street in Cortland. What do you think?



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