Car crashes are worse for women

Do you remember when researchers discovered that symptoms of heart attacks were very different in men than in women? For years research was done on men only and it was only in recent years that they discovered the difference.

Now there is a study that shows that women who are involved in car crashes are more seriously injured than men.  Women are on average 5 1/2 inches shorter, lighter by 35 pounds, and are usually driving passenger cars. But these are not the factors that make a difference. After controlling for these factors and others,  researchers still found that women were 47 percent more likely to be seriously injured in a crash.

So why?

This New York Times story states:

“The investigators say female drivers are more susceptible to injury because of differences in neck strength and musculature, the positioning of head restraints, and their shorter stature and preferred seating posture. Car safety devices have been designed largely for men, and women may need safety features that take into account their differences.”

Hopefully this study will lead to improved devices for the entire population.



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