SUNY Cortland’s Climate Action Plan

Here are some transportation tidbits from the “SUNY Cortland Climate Action Plan: A Roadmap to a Carbon Free Campus

“The cumulative annual commuting distance driven by members of SUNY Cortland is nearly 10.8 million miles. Of this, 36 percent is driven by staff and administrators alone despite only making up just over 8 percent of the campus population. In driving this distance, a total of 318,800 gallons of gasoline is estimated to be consumed which, at $4.00 dollars a gallon, would amount to a total out-of-pocket fuel cost of nearly $1.3 million per year.”

“The total daily commuting distance driven by the campus community as a whole is roughly 60,500 miles round-trip, or more than 2.4 times around the Earth at the equator.”

Much more is addressed in the report, not only in transportation, but in the other carbon producing areas of heating, electricity and food service.

A valuable document – one which can show us where we’re at, where we want to go, and some ideas on how to get there.





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