New software allows you to legally text while driving

Sort of…

As reported in The Post-Standard this morning, Apple’s new iPhone 4S, which came out last week, has software that allows the user to speak the message. Then the software converts your message to text. If the other person responds, the phone reads the response aloud.

The software program, Siri, sounds like a great idea so folks who might be tempted to text while driving may be able to safely and legally do so.

But, there’s a problem. Actually three problems. The phone and the software need to be activated manually. Doing this while driving could get you into trouble. Plus some people wanted to see the message before sending to make sure Siri heard them correctly. That could be a problem too.

What it comes down to is this. Anything that takes your attention off your driving is considered distracted driving and the consequences  can be disastrous.

The Post-Standard online story has posted a video demo of  Siri.



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