Senior driving

This summer a Transportation for America report came out with some frightening statistics for senior citizens in this country. By 2015, more than 15.5 million Americans 65 years and older will live in communities where public transportation is poor or non-existent.

And that number is expected to grow as seniors plan to “age in place.”

At Enrichment Day last week I heard from seniors that transportation is a major issue for many of them. Some are not ready to get on a public bus yet but know that they are just one family member away from not having a way to get around. Many are not aware of the transit options currently available. Some may be able to take advantage of  ride-sharing programs. Some live in parts of the county that have no public transportation service.

Did you know that older adults on average live almost 10 years beyond their driving capability? Why wait until there’s a crisis?

We have a Bus Buddy program set up which is staffed by RSVP volunteers. They will “show you the ropes” on how to ride the bus.

I am planning on Senior Driving Retirement sessions where you can learn more about what to do if you, or someone you love, is facing giving up your keys to the car.

To set up an appointment with a Bus Buddy, give me a call at 756-4198. For more information on transportation services within Cortland County go to our new website or email me at



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