Commuting takes a toll on women

A British study has shown that commuting takes a greater toll on women than men.

Researchers from the London School of Economics show that even though men commute longer distances than women, women are more stressed by their commute and it affects their mental health.

They reason that women who are expected to spend more time caring for children, doing housework, and doing the grocery shopping, are just more sensitive to the time that it takes to commute.

Some of their tips to try and stay healthy even with a long commute:

1. Talk to your employer about flexible hours to try and avoid rush hour traffic.

2. If you can’t change your hours, try going to work earlier and exercising at a gym before work or staying longer at work and going for a walk or run after work.

3. Eat a healthy breakfast.

4. And if you get home late, avoid caffeine and alcohol and eat a light dinner with lots of fruits or vegetables. This will help you sleep better.

Read more about it here.



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