Senior housing

The Cortland Standard reported yesterday that Barden Homes wants to build 20 senior housing units on Wellington Drive in the Walden Oaks subdivision.

These homes, which would range from 1200 to 1800 square feet, would give seniors a chance to downsize and not have to move out of the county.

Great idea! But…

There has always been a need for more condos/patio home options in Cortland County. I personally know some folks who could not find anything acceptable in this county and moved out of state.

But how come mobility issues did not come into play here? Just because a developer has land available at a certain location doesn’t always make that location the best spot.

Did anyone consider that seniors may want a walkable neighborhood and something to walk to? What happens when the senior citizen can’t drive anymore? The homes are being built with wheelchair accessible features but what about getting around outside of the home? Did anyone consider that Walden Oaks is not currently on a bus route?

I understand that having a developer who wants to build these homes is of primary importance. But other livability issues should be addressed.

Just my 2 cents. Any comments?



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