Something better to be known for

Someone is finally writing about conservation.

Anyone remember that word? You have to be older than 50 to remember the Jimmy Carter presidency. He spoke about conservation all the time. It seemed that once Ronald Reagan took office, conservation took a back seat. Heck, I think it was left behind. It was all about spending more, producing more, consuming more.

And even though times have been tough these last few years, I now think the focus is on technology solving our problems – clean coal, smarter cars, alternative fuels, etc. But no one is talking about conservation as something we should be doing all the time, not just when we are forced to. 

So I was pleasantly surprised to see an editorial in The Post-Standard this morning “Conservation’s Role: We can make less energy by making it go farther.”  If you go to the online version you will also see a list of ways that individuals can conserve natural resources that are going to be included on the US Postal Service’s new stamp “Go Green.”

In the editorial it was noted that the Brookings Institution recently “cited Central New York as one of the top regions in the country for its ‘green clean economy’ ”

Isn’t it nice to be known for something other than snow?



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