Cortland streets

#5 and #6 on the Walkable Communities checklist:

“5. Key streets are speed controlled. Traffic moves on main streets and in neighborhoods at safe, pleasant, courteous speeds. Most streets are designed to keep speeds low. Many of these streets are tree lined, have on-street parking, and use other affordable methods to keep traffic speeds under control. There is an absence of one-way couplets designed to flush the downtown of its traffic in a rush or flight to the suburbs. In most parts of the nation the streets are also green, or have other pleasant landscaping schemes in dry climates.

6. Streets & trails are well linked. The town has a good block form, often in a grid or other highly connected pattern. Although hilly terrain calls for slightly different patterns, the linkages are still frequent. Some of the newer neighborhoods that were built to cul-de-sac or other fractured patterns are now being repaired for walking by putting in trail connectors in many places. These links are well designed so that there are many eyes on these places. Code for new streets no longer permits long streets that are disconnected.”

For the most part traffic moves along at a pleasant speed within the City, especially near downtown where there is on-street parking and this slows down traffic. We have beautiful tree lined streets throughout the city. We do have new trees being planted and hopefully this will continue.

Areas such as Yaman Park is a bit more of a challenge to walk or bike to, but it can be done. When you get farther out into Cortlandville , walking and/or biking becomes more problematic. Crossing Rt. 281 at the entrance to the Lamont Circle area is formidable. Housing that is located on the streets off of Rt. 222 west of Rt. 281 are also cut off from the City. So there is definitely room for improvement.

Any comments?



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