Universal design

#4 on the Walkable Community checklist is universal design.

“The community has a healthy respect for people of all abilities, and has appropriate ramps, medians, refuges, crossings of driveways, sidewalks on all streets where needed, benches, shade, and other basic amenities to make walking feasible and enjoyable for everyone.”

I’m no expert in this area and we may want to have our friends at Access to Independence add their thoughts but I think downtown Cortland is fairly easy to navigate for people of all abilities, though I’m sure there are many improvements that can be made.

I would love to see more benches around the downtown area with trees planted to shade the benches.

 Many sidewalks are not in the best shape so when you walk you have to watch every step you take. Here’s a pet peeve of mine. Sometimes I try to walk to work in the winter on a nice day but sidewalks are not always shoveled, sometimes for days on end. Sometimes the property owner leaves a coating of ice on the sidewalk to be covered with the next snowfall so you don’t know what you’re walking on. Some of the sidewalks must be a real challenge for anyone who is unsteady on their feet or in a wheelchair.

In September there will be experts in town for a two day workshop “Designing for Pedestrian Safety.” This should help all of us who are looking for ways to improve the walkability of Cortland.



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  1. Posted by Ashley Jones on August 3, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    Benches would be a lovely addition, and the city could always use more trees! 🙂


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