Public Space

#3 on the Walkable Community checklist is Public Space.

“There are many places for people to assemble, play, and associate with others within their neighborhood. The best neighborhoods have welcoming public space within 1/8th mile (700 feet) of all homes. These spaces are easily accessed by all people.”

We are very fortunate to have Courthouse Park in downtown Cortland and it is used for many events, such as Pumpkinfest, Chill-a-bration, Arts & Wine Festival, Celtic Festival, summer music concerts, and much more.

We do have great public parks like Yaman, Suggett, Beaudry and Dexter though they may not be within 1/8 mile of all homes. There are play areas and green space near many of the schools as well as at the college.

When we moved here from a city out West,  where cars were a necessity to go pretty much anywhere, my kids were 7 and 5. It was a delight to live in a community where my kids could safety walk to school and the park. We were always told that Cortland was a great place to raise kids.

So I think we do pretty well with the amount of public space available to our residents. Any thoughts on how we can improve the use of our public space?



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