Residential densities, mixed income, mixed use

Walkable Community (#2 on the checklist)

“Near the town center, and in a large town at appropriate transit locations, there will be true neighborhoods. Higher densities are near the town center and in appropriate concentrations further out. Housing includes mixed income and mixed use. A truly walkable community does not force people to drive to where they work. Aspen, for example, is a great place to shop and play…but fails to provide housing for anyone who works there.”

The City of Cortland does pretty well in this area. In a radius of 1 mile from downtown Cortland you will see mixed income housing including student housing, lower income & senior public housing, moderate income housing in the East End and West End, and higher income residential areas such as West Court Street.

It would be nice to see more higher end housing in the downtown Cortland area, such as what has happened in Franklin Square and Armory Square in Syracuse. They have done a great job of renovating old warehouses into luxury condos. Though I don’t think people in Cortland would pay what is being charged for their apartments and condos.

If we had this type of housing in the downtown area, would people move there? Would you?



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