Red light cameras

A story today on MSNBC’s website points to the growing concern over red light cameras that exist in more than 500 cities across 25 states.

Some studies have shown that the cameras have helped to save lives. Some municipalities have generated a substantial amount of revenue through this system. The city of Chicago raised more than $64 million in 2009 from their nearly 400 cameras.

Some cities like Los Angeles though have discovered that it’s costing more to run the program than what’s coming in. Many people don’t pay the tickets because judges don’t enforce them.

And some think that the safety studies are flawed. One man from a group in Los Angeles, “Safer Streets LA”  that is looking to end this program says  “‘the rationale for the cameras is flawed at its heart… That’s because they proceed from an assumption the people who run red lights do so intentionally and that they can therefore be stopped by stricter enforcement measures of any sort…If the fear of death isn’t enough to stop you from running a red light, I don’t know what will.'”

How do you feel? Feel free to post a comment.




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