Is your commute killing you?

I never really enjoyed my daily commute to Syracuse. Over the years I learned how to make it tolerable (thank God for audio books). But sitting in a car for an hour and a half every day, added to sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, was definitely not good for my health.

Research is showing that your commute may be a contributing factor to obesity, loneliness, divorce, stress, neck pain and insomnia. And think about time. When I stopped commuting I figured out that my commuting time (about 7.5 hours a week) was equal to more than 9 work weeks a year.

“Two economists at the University of Zurich…  found that for an extra hour of commuting time, you would need to be compensated with a massive 40 percent increase in salary to make it worthwhile.”

The quote above is from an excellent article in Slate magazine “Your Commute is Killing You”  If you commute long distances you will want to read this. 



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