Remember carpooling? I carpooled for a little more than 2 years when I was going to work in Syracuse. It was a great way to split the cost of commuting. Having someone to talk to on the long drive was an added benefit.

Today carpooling is making a comeback. You may hear it being called ridesharing or vanpooling. It’s the same idea but now there are lots of high tech ways to help you form and maintain a carpool.

One website that can help is

DividetheRide helps you organize carpools with families that you know and trust. So if your kids need to get to school or to afterschool or weekend activities, it can help you find other parents that can help.

Or if you are a coach, teacher, or organizer you can “use interactive maps to show where all the families in your group live, and their proximity to the primary location where you hold your event (example: school, soccer field, dance class).

Then, in a secure setting, the families in your group can locate parents to carpool with based upon the map of other families participating in your organization.”

Anything that can make getting around easier is worth checking out.




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