“Oil on the Brain”

I’m 100 pages into a non-fiction book published in 2007 by Lisa Margonelli. Her book “Oil on the Brain: Adventures from the Pump to the Pipeline” has been fascinating and very informative as well as disturbing.

I’ll do a review when I’m finished but there is so much from this book that I would like to share. So I will be sharing some excerpts from the book over the next week or so.

Chapter 1 – Gas Station
pg. 26
“Because the political melodrama around gas prices is largely a delaying tactic, oil companies, which work on timelines of ten to fifteen years, have figured out how to harness public anger for their own ends. They view anxiety over gas prices as an opportunity to change environmental laws. When prices are high, Smith’s research has found, public opinion swings to favor offshore drilling, drilling in parklands, and other moves that are unthinkable to voters when prices are low. So when prices are high, oil companies withstand the attacks, which they know are temporary, while proposing regulations that will make their businesses more profitable in the long term. Voters, offered no other choices, support both drilling and investigations. And nothing changes, until the next time prices rise.”

“The theater of punishing oil companies doesn’t address the deeper issue of reducing demand or giving consumers more control over their gasoline destiny; it merely maintains the status quo.”



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