What a northern city can expect

One city that is starting to prepare for the changes that will come about due to climate change is Chicago.

The New York Times story yesterday reports that before the end of this century Chicago will feel more like Baton Rouge.

Some of what is predicted:
More storms, tornadoes, blizzards and heat. Heat related deaths would rise. More freezing and thawing of roadways causing deterioration to buildings, bridges and roads. Termites and other insects running rampant.

Some of what Chicago is planning to do:
Alleys, streets and parking lots in Chicago account for 40% of groundcover and retain heat and trap water. So they are working on a prototype that includes planting areas lower than the street surface, water storage tanks beneath the streets, bike lanes and parking spaces covered with permeable pavers, light reflecting pavement, and planting different tree species.

Make sure to look at the graphic attached to the story which illustrates the street of the future.



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