Trucks, roads, and hydrofracking

No matter how you feel about hydrofracking here in New York State, one thing that is difficult to refute is the impact drilling will have on the roadways of our communities.

One Texas study found that for all three phases of a gas well — drilling, fracking, and maintenance, there were approximately 592 one-way truck trips required per well. There could be multiple wells at an individual site. Some trucks weighed as much as 80,000 to 100,000 lbs. when fully loaded.

If you look at this map that was published in the Cortland Standard, you can see that more than 50% of Cortland County has leased their land to a gas company. If you add state land to the mix, the percentage goes up even more.

So the potential impact on our roads is dramatic.

For more information about the gas drilling issue, take a look at this comprehensive website, Marcellus-Shale.Us

They have subsections on truck traffic and road damage.

If or when more gas drilling comes to our area, it makes sense to be prepared so we can protect our communities.



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