Here Comes the Neighborhood – The Atlantic

Here Comes the Neighborhood – The Atlantic.

Did you know that “on average, traditional suburban households spend 24 percent of their income paying for and maintaining their cars; urban households in walkable neighborhoods spend only 12 percent of their income on transportation. The difference amounts to half of what a typical household spends on health care—nationally, $700 billion a year in total.”

What we have in the City of Cortland is what many people desire – to live in an area that is compact and walkable.

Check out the interesting article above that appeared in “The Atlantic” magazine.

An excerpt:

“Urban-style housing in walkable neighborhoods—including those in the inner suburbs—is what’s in demand today. And for a variety of reasons, that demand will intensify in the coming years. Only by serving it can the country kick-start growth in an enormous and essential part of the economy.”

Jan Dempsey


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