Uber’s Autonomous Vehicles to Roll Out in Pittsburgh

This isn’t quite the official beginning of the robot-car Judgement Day: In compliance with Pennsylvania state law, there will still be back-up human drivers at the wheel. And according to Bloomberg, a “co-pilot” will also be sitting in the passenger’s seat, taking notes on a laptop. These rides will be free to passengers who choose to use them.http://bit.ly/2b9IF35

Do You Know Where Released Balloons Go?

“Did you ever wonder where your balloons go when they are released?” writes the park on Facebook. “Birds, turtles, and other animals commonly mistake balloons for food which has a detrimental impact on wildlife.” http://bit.ly/2bnEKPL

Is China’s Straddling Bus Derailing?

Shanghaiist reports that the 72-foot-long straddling bus has been locked up, and all further testing postponed amid allegations by local media outlet Global Times that the project was illegally funded—and that it may have all been a big scam.


NYC Subway Countdown Clocks and Digital Bus Screens

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Thursday that the MTA will begin testing on countdown clocks for lettered subway lines and digital screens for MTA buses. This is just one of the many steps that are being taken to modernize the MTA.


Pokemon Go May Get People Off the Couch and Outside

Is Pokémon Go — the explosively popular game app released worldwide this month — a way to get adults and kids off their sofas and into parks and other public spaces? http://bit.ly/2aTWZPb

China Tests Straddling Bus

China has built the much-anticipated straddling bus: 72′ long, 26’wide, and can hold up to 300 people.  http://bit.ly/2aQs7O3

LED Streetlights: Doctors Warning

An AMA committee issued guidelines on how communities can choose LED streetlights to “minimize potential harmful human health and environmental effects.”  http://cnn.it/290dMLO


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