Idaho Election Official Wants Mobile Voting Units That Look Like Food Trucks 

Ada County, Idaho, will be rolling out mobile polling places this fall in order to boost turnout and make it easier for residents to cast their ballots.

Lyft’s John Zimmer: No Private Cars in Cities by 2025

“By 2025, owning a car will go the way of the DVD,” Zimmer posted in a Medium piece called “The Third Transportation Revolution.”

How a Throwback Model City in San Diego Could Help Alzheimer’s Patients

The fake city is part of “reminiscence therapy,” an increasingly popular alternative to nursing homes and drug treatments for Alzheimer’s patients. It uses sounds, visual cues, and tangible objects to bring back memories of personal experiences.

The Trans Canada Trail

The Trans Canada Trail—often called The Great Trail—will be a 14,864-mile network of car-free paths stretching across the whole of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories.

Do we really care about children?

Imagine two 9/11 attacks each year that killed just kids and you still would not have the number of child fatalities America has each year from auto accidents.

Self-Driving Cars Are Unlikely to Boost Productivity

First, people will need to be convinced that it’s safe to get in autonomous cars: Almost a quarter of U.S. respondents to a 2014 survey flatly refused to consider riding in one, and more recent follow-up surveys have indicated that those percentages aren’t budging.

Why Vienna Has a Great Quality of Life

What’s Vienna’s secret? According to government and business leaders, it’s a mix of good long-term planning, an emphasis on citizen participation and a relentless focus on social equity. “