Do we really care about children?

Imagine two 9/11 attacks each year that killed just kids and you still would not have the number of child fatalities America has each year from auto accidents.

Self-Driving Cars Are Unlikely to Boost Productivity

First, people will need to be convinced that it’s safe to get in autonomous cars: Almost a quarter of U.S. respondents to a 2014 survey flatly refused to consider riding in one, and more recent follow-up surveys have indicated that those percentages aren’t budging.

Why Vienna Has a Great Quality of Life

What’s Vienna’s secret? According to government and business leaders, it’s a mix of good long-term planning, an emphasis on citizen participation and a relentless focus on social equity. “

Big Boxes, Urban Centers and Placemaking

The Democratized Economy is an economy in which there are many small-scale owners of the means of production with local or regional influence.

Innovative Finance to Help Modernize Amtrak Fleet | Department of Transportation

Today, I’m proud to join Vice President Biden to announce the Bureau’s milestone loan to Amtrak that will bring the next generation of high-speed rail service to the Northeast Corridor.

Uber’s Autonomous Vehicles to Roll Out in Pittsburgh

This isn’t quite the official beginning of the robot-car Judgement Day: In compliance with Pennsylvania state law, there will still be back-up human drivers at the wheel. And according to Bloomberg, a “co-pilot” will also be sitting in the passenger’s seat, taking notes on a laptop. These rides will be free to passengers who choose to use them.

Do You Know Where Released Balloons Go?

“Did you ever wonder where your balloons go when they are released?” writes the park on Facebook. “Birds, turtles, and other animals commonly mistake balloons for food which has a detrimental impact on wildlife.”