Urban Sprawl Affects School Start Times for Sleepy Teens

What happened? A lot of things, including suburbanization, the energy crisis, and a big cultural shift around child safety norms. But the early start times for American schools have largely been imposed by transportation needs: Getting kids to school became a lot more complicated in the age of sprawl. http://bit.ly/2nPYlBC

Who Gets More Exercise: Walkers or Bicyclists?

The cyclist: quick, sleek, often clad in fun aerodynamic costumes. The walker: steady of foot, plodding, relentless. But who, in fact, is getting the best form of exercise?http://bit.ly/2mMwVIr

New Senior Living Model Needed to Satisfy Aging Boomers

Sean Thomson, senior living director, CR Architects, said a new model is needed to reach the 75-million-strong boomers, and walkable urban communities could be it. Walkable urbanism is in demand among all age groups, but is particularly appropriate for seniors.


The “Anarchists” of Portland Fix Their Own Streets

The men weren’t there for another Trump protest; rather, they were packing asphalt into deep crevices that developed after the Pacific Northwest’s brutal winter.  http://bit.ly/2nrxJXb

Singapore Tries Signature Scents on its Transit Buses

The “signature scent” is being deployed over the next month to entice people to use more public transit. The public bus operator Tower Transit will pump the new scent into 100 of its buses, following a months-long partnership with the local marketing company AllSense. In an interview with the BBC, scent expert Terry Jacobson describes the smell as having a “green note” that reflects the city’s biodiversity, mixed with a cool, refreshing aroma that soothes passengers in the city’s tropical climate. And while the smell is subtle, so passengers aren’t overwhelmed, Tower Transit hopes it’s strong enough to keep riders coming back—and more importantly, to lure people away from their cars. http://bit.ly/2lTRLcC

Household Items Being Used for Transportation Issues

Last week plungers were being used to create bike lanes and this week hair dryers are being used to calm traffic! http://bbc.in/2m6tkok

Singapore Researchers Safe Yellow Taxis are Safer than Blue Taxis

Yellow vehicles had roughly 6 fewer crashes per thousand taxis than their blue brethren per month, which the researchers ascribe to improved visibility. http://bit.ly/2n5T8lt